Mr Sushi Ceviche  12
Chop Fresh White Fish, Salmon,
Mango, Pineapple, Avocado w/Special Sauce

Tuna Kimchi Salad  12
Chop Tuna, Kimchi Korean Spicy Cabbage,
Avocado, Fish Egg & Seaweed Salad.

Tornado  10
Spicy tuna w/Avocado

Salmon Skin Salad  10
Crispy Salmon Skin, Lettuce, Cucumber w/Jalapeno sauce

Tuna Rose  11
Sashimi Tuna w/Spicy Sauce

Creamy Scallop  13
Creamy Sauce over Scallop

Szechuan Spicy Steak  22
Cayenne Pepper, Beef, Mixed Vegetables



Succulent Braised Pork  10
4 Pieces of braised Pork w/Brown

Pad Thai
Served w/Bean Sprout, Peanut,
Bell Pepper and a little spice

w/Vegetable  12
w/Chicken  15
w/Shrimp  18
w/Seafood  22

Ramen Soup – LUNCH ONLY
*Add Kimchi  3

Chicken, Fish Cake, Scallion  9
Braised Pork, Fish Cake, Scallion  10
Shrimp, Fish Cake, Scallion   12
Seafood, Fish Cake, Scallion   15