Party A  $44
Spider Roll, Rock ‘n Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Easter Roll, Hidden Dragon Roll

Party B  $64
18 Pieces of Sashimi, 12 Pieces Sushi w/Rainbow Roll & Orchard Park Roll

Party C  $65
Rainbow Roll, Crazy Tuna Roll,Hidden Dragon Roll, Rock ‘n Roll,Eel Avocado Roll, Alaska Roll,Shrimp Tempura Roll,Spicy Shrimp Roll, Spicy Crab Roll

Party D  $71
Christmas Roll, Crazy Tuna Roll, Pink Lady Roll, Snow White Roll, Orchard Park Roll, New Orleans Roll

Party E  $84
24 Pieces of Sashimi, 15 Pieces of Sushi, Christmas Roll, New Orleans Roll& Shrimp Tempura Roll

PARTY F  $99
Mr Sushi Roll, Bonzai Roll, Fuji Mountain Roll& 35 pieces of delicious Sushi

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